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What we do

Gas cartridges

We offer a wide range of gas cartridges both in terms of the capacity, assembly method, and valves. Our cartridges are equipped with threaded, push-in or perforated valves with the "GAS STOP" function.

Cartridge devices

Our products help and facilitate the work of both professionals and amateurs. The mobility of our solutions related to cooking and grilling allows you to prepare a meal in all conditions in various ways. On the other hand, specialists from various industries eagerly reach for our gas cartridge burners.

Gas for lighters

Our top quality gas mixture is the perfect way to refill any kind of refillable lighters. Depending on the needs, we offer two capacities of refuelers 300 ml and 50 ml.

You cook with us wherever you want

Camping stove

If you like to spend time actively surrounded by nature, or your work is related to long-term stay outside, our camping stove will allow you to prepare a home-cooked meal whenever you want it.


Our stoves are equipped with a piezoelectric lighter, flame regulation, and a flame shield against gusts of wind. Lightweight and compact design ensures easy transport, and the suitcase makes it easy to carry it and protects against damage

Performance and power

Alpen Camping stoves are equipped with a durable and efficient gas burner. Nearly 2kW of power allows you to boil 0.5 l of water in less than 3 minutes.

Kuchenka gazowa IT001

A camping trip, tent camping or relaxing in the garden for many hours are great ways to spend your free time and bonding with nature. Each of these moments will certainly be even more enjoyable with a tasty, warm meal and a drink. For most of us, outdoor cooking is associated with making a barbecue or roasting food over a campfire, but this is not always achievable as environmental conditions may change all the time. This is why it is worth remembering about the equipment with which you will be able to prepare a hot meal or drink in any circumstances.

Alpen Camping – brand full of reliable products for outdoor cooking

As a long-standing manufacturer of gas cartridges and other products for the travel industry, we offer solutions for comfortable, easy-to-use, and safe cooking in nature. We offer cookers, tourist grills as well as burners, gas cookers and all the necessary fuels and accessories for these devices. Our outdoor equipment will always be useful in places where there is no access to electricity or gas. 

Dynamic development and our experience have led us to establishing our own brand – Alpen Camping, which quickly gained recognition and popularity not only on the Polish market. Alpentech is a brand which was created with the most demanding customers in mind. Its product range meets the taste of people looking for more professional solutions. Products contained in our range are fully compliant with certificates, attestations and DEKRA tests. This is the result of our adherence to the most rigorous requirements of production processes. 

About us

Inko-Time has been operating on the European market since 1996. Along with the dynamic development, the company expanded its offer with products from the tourist industry, putting emphasis on stoves and the production of gas cartridges.  Therefore, in 2014 Inko-Time created the ALPEN CAMPING brand, which includes an irreplaceable, fully mobile and cost-effective solution for preparing hot meals during holidays or weekend trips outside the city. ALPEN CAMPING products are an ideal proposition for allotment gardeners, anglers and other people who value quick, cheap and effortless cooking.

The most important things for us are:
The safety of both our customers and employees
We constantly work our way to improve the quality of our products
Customer satisfaction
Thanks to functionality and usability