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Gas for lighters – the reliable way to power lighters and pokers

In many places and situations, gas turns out to be irreplaceable. You need to have it when you power a cigarette lighter or a mini-burner. In most households, as well as when hiking, these appliances are frequently used, so it is important to ensure that they do not run out. Bearing this in mind, we offer the Alpen Gas – high calorific gas for lighters. It is available in packages with a capacity of 90 ml and 300 ml.

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Convenient to use and always at hand

We have made sure that our lighter gas can be taken anywhere, under any circumstances. This liquid product can be safely and conveniently dispensed via the five different filling tips included in the kit. Interchangeable applicators fit any type of lighters or mini-burners. Lighter gas is contained in a special metal container, making it resistant to mechanical damage. It can be equipped with two types of valves – plastic or metal. The content of the product does not have to be used once, the fuel in the can may be dosed in any amount until its final use.

Easy and safe way to refill your lighter

Our gas for lighters and pokers is propane-butane, and ensures even flame without crackling or micro-explosions. It is specially rectified. It is characterised by particular cleanliness and is intended primarily for powering lighters. When refuelling, every user can be sure that nothing is at risk. Now you can forget about having to buy another lighter or poker, and enjoy their long-lasting use. Simply refill it with the Alpen Gas after each use. We suggest you to protect yourself against such an eventuality, which is why our offer includes display sales – consecutively, 12 pieces in the case of a set of 300 ml cans and 25 pieces in 90 ml packs.

How should I use the Alpen Gas for lighters?

The safety level of a lighter is not only dependent on the characteristics of our product, but also on how it is used. For this reason, it is worth remembering how to correctly use the lighter gas offered by us. The following should be done in the first instance:

match the tip of the applicator to the type of the lighter or poker. Hold the can with the nozzle downwards and then insert the nozzle into the filling valve. Depending on the capacity, fuel must be dosed. After filling, wait at least 15 seconds for the excess gas to evaporate. Remove the tip and close the packaging tightly with a plastic cap. Lighter gas should be stored out of direct sunlight and at room temperature.