Inko-Time has operated on the European market since 1996. Along with dynamic development it expanded its portfolio with tourist products, emphasizing on stoves and production of gas cartouches. Therefore, in 2014 Inko-Time created a brand ALPEN CAMPING including indispensable, fully mobile and economic solution for preparing hot meals during holidays or weekend trips outside of town. Products ALPEN CAMPING are a perfect offer for gardeners, fisherman and other people who value fast, cheap and effortless cooking.

ALPEN CAMPING is a synonym of mobile solution during preparation of meals or making coffee or tea. The offered tourist stoves are inexpensive, as well as gas cartouches we produce. Additional advantages of our appliances are simplicity of use, low weight, incredible functionality, as well as the fact that they do not blacken utensils or a burner.
While looking for a perfect solution for trips outside a town you cannot ignore the Alpen Camping products. Join thousands of satisfied Clients of our company.

Gas cartouches produced by our company is characterized by extremely caloric compound of propane and butane, as well as isobutane. They perfect for bad weather.

Alpen Camping cartouches
comply with the standard
EN417 which makes them
safe in use.