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Alpen Camping K2000 SIERRA gas cartridge grill

- an indispensable element of equipment for every tourist

No mountain hiking, fishing or family camping trip would be enjoyable without a hot meal. You should always be prepared for such situations. Wherever there is no access to gas or electricity the K2000 SIERRA tourist gas grill  will prove its worth. This equipment fits in a small blue suitcase, its weight does not exceed 5 kg. The mobility of this solution makes it easy to take the Alpen Camping K2000 SIERRA gas grill with you even for a day-long trekking trip or a few days’ stay outdoors.

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Why are cartridge grills so popular?

Nowadays, the cartridge grill is the most preferred method for tourists to prepare a hot meal. Uncomplicated to use, handy, and it can be sealed tightly and taken home or on a hike without additional contamination. In the vast majority of expeditions or stays of several days at the lake, the tourist gas grill  will fulfil its task perfectly. The only limitation may be the low temperature outside. The operating range of the Alpen Camping SIERRA K2000 is between 40°C and -2°C. At lower temperatures and pressure drops, the equipment will function, but slightly less efficiently. It is worth noting that the tourist gas grill must be supplied with the appropriate type of cartridge. In this case, you should buy a backup pack of refills so that you do not run out when you want to heat up a meal while spending time outdoors.

Alpen Camping K2000 SIERRA tourist gas grill and its main features

The tourist gas grill that we offer is activated by piezoelectric ignition and uses propane-butane gas cartridges. Its output is 2.1 kW and its average gas consumption is 152g/h. Primarily, the efficiency of this product is its main advantage. The SIERRA K2000 cartridge grill differs from classic devices of this sort as it has two elongated burners instead of a round one. During operation, it behaves like a real charcoal grill in which heat is distributed evenly over its entire surface. We have equipped our tourist gas grill with a durable burner due to which the surface heats up instantly. It allows you to cook a hot meal in a short time and without smoke.

Safe equipment in theory and in practice

Alpen Camping K2000 SIERRA cartridge grill is CE certified and constructed from the highest quality components. In addition, it does not require the use of matches, it has a built-in igniter in the housing which minimizes the risk of burns. Just like a normal cooker, the tourist gas grill presented by us has the option of full flame adjustment which allows you to cook safely in any field conditions. Additionally, it has been equipped with covers that protect against wind gusts and sudden pressure changes. Moreover, the original cartridges are filled with gas at the factory and meet the EN417 standard, lasting up to 150-180 minutes.

One device for many people

Buying our cartridge grill, you will receive a grill lid and a deep pan as a bonus. This additional equipment will allow you to prepare grilled dishes faster. Alpen Camping K2000 SIERRA gas tourist grill is not only for lone hikers, but also for the whole family. The before-mentioned pan is able to hold a large portion of food which will allow several people to satisfy their hunger simultaneously.