Tourist gas cookers that will make you adventure-hungry.

Camping and long trips enthusiasts must eat properly to have a lot of energy. While out in nature, we are not exempt from several responsibilities. Preparing warm and nutritious meals is one of them. Sometimes preparing food is just about heating up a premade dish from a jar, but at other times the appetite may come for something fresh that requires more culinary commitment. If you want to avoid fast food on camping trips and all-day trekking, but you need a tasty meal, a tourist gas cooker is an essential piece of equipment for you.


Easy-to-use tourist cookers

Tourist gas cookers are well-known to everyone who loves mountain trips and camping. Ease of use is just one of the qualities for which these devices continue to dominate the tourist equipment market. Tourist gas cookers are most often bought by our customers. A relatively small size is one of the most frequently mentioned advantages as it is of great importance when taking equipment on a trip. A tourist cooker cannot heat up your meal on its own; you will need a disposable gas cartridge to launch it. Installation should not be a challenge even for novice travellers. In this way, tourist gas cookers will allow you to cook any meal regardless of the weather conditions or the altitude at which you may currently be.

Gas tourist cookers can operate trouble-free for many years.

Many of our customers recommend tourist gas cookers by Alpen Camping due to their long-lasting performance. It is the employees, who carefully inspect every part from the very first stages of production, are responsible for the solidity of the product. Each tourist gas cooker in our product range is a set of the highest quality components made with the utmost care. All this makes the tourist gas cooker a sound investment for many years. 

IT001 tourist gas cooker for special tasks

The equipment that we sell is practical and compact. We offer three versions of devices in this category. The first of these is the IT001 dual-purpose tourist gas cooker which is irreplaceable during all-day fishing trips or staying on the allotment. It is completely safe to use due to its simplicity. It does not burn the cookware and the robust burner allows you to quickly heat up a meal or boil water. Tests showed that this tourist cooker with a power of 2.6 kW can heat up half a litre of water in less than 3 minutes. In addition, piezoelectric ignition means that you can forget about using matches. It can be powered by a cartridge or a cylinder, its gas consumption is 150g/h. Flame regulation of the gas tourist cooker works like its counterpart used at home: with the use of the knob, it is possible to set the optimum heating power. It is worth mentioning that the product has a flame cover which protects the fire from wind gusts and sudden pressure changes.

IT002 gas tourist cookers proven in all conditions

Another tourist gas cooker that we offer is the Alpen Camping IT002. Each trip or time spent in the nature without access to electricity or gas will be accompanied by a tasty meal with the help of this device. Our customers find that the further away from home they use these single-purpose tourist cookers, the better they seem to them. As this portable gas cooker comes with reliability, its purchase minimises the risk of having a cold meal. Even in harsh conditions, the IT002 tourist cooker is able to perform brilliantly. You can count on its solid performance at temperatures from 20°C to -5°C. We sell it in a black case protecting the equipment from scratches and other mechanical damage.

FKP-90 tourist gas cooker used with pierceable cartridges

We also offer gas tourist cookers which can be powered with pierceable cartridges. They are really small and light, but it does not mean that they are less efficient in the field conditions. FKP-90 tourist gas cookers have a stable base with a casing protecting the mounted pierceable cartridge. Additionally, the device has four strong arms that provide effective protection against gusts of wind. The time for heating the water to 100°C is approx. 7 minutes, and the gas consumption is approx. 90 g/h.

Our travel cookers meet safety standards

Regardless of the chosen cooker model, you can feel completely safe when using them. Before they were released for sale, they had been tested under every possible aspect. They have all attestations and safety certificates. Tourist gas cookers purchased from us are bundled with a detailed manual in Polish. Even the least experienced hiker will be able to properly handle the equipment. Our tourist cookers allow you to feel full independence away from civilization. The average time of operation per one cartridge is from 120 to 180 minutes, depending on the conditions and the cartridge installed. We suggest not to use substitutes, only the Alpen Camping products can give the desired results and guarantee an optimal level of safety. Our many years of experience have shown multiple times that our products do not allow anyone to feel hungry during several-day trips.