Cartridges for cookers and burners - tasty meals outdoors

How to choose a gas burner cartridge? Which cooker gas cartridges will be most suitable? These questions are asked not only by novice tourism enthusiasts, but also by more experienced tourists. Choosing the right energy source is not easy. There are more and more manufacturers on the market who provide various solutions. Unfortunately, with the multitude of offers, there is also disinformation. Therefore, we decided to clarify any doubts about which gas refills  or gas cooker cartridges to choose. In this category, we present Alpen Camping and Alpentech products that never fail. 


The right choice is about peace and quiet during moments spent in nature

Before you buy gas for a travel cooker or a gas cartridge for a burner, you first need to know exactly what kind of device you have. If you make a mistake, it is possible to connect the device to the cartridge via adapters, but consider this a last resort. Follow the guidelines in the user manual. They will certainly tell you that the most sensible choice is to buy a cartridge of the same brand as your own device. It is difficult to disagree with this principle since in such a case you can be sure of 100% compatibility and proper efficiency. Avoid cheaper substitutes, especially gas cooker cartridges coming from unknown manufacturers may turn out to be unpredictable in use.

Why are gas cartridges for cookers so popular?

Cooker cartridges have rapidly surpassed gas cylinders in terms of sales. They owe their popularity primarily due to their mobility. They do not weigh much compared to steel cylinders, and above all, they are safe to use and inexpensive. There is also no problem with their availability as they can be purchased in DIY stores, gas stations or supermarkets. Due to the increasing supply on the market, we suggest using only products from proven and respected manufacturers. A tourist cooker cartridge purchased at a bazaar will certainly be cheaper, but in terms of quality it may be significantly inferior to our products.

Pierceable gas cartridge for cookers – traditional solution for everyone

Gas for tourist cookers can be obtained by buying pierceable cartridges. These are metal containers that allow the device to be quickly supplied with an energy source with a spot that needs to be pierced. This is one of the cheaper solutions available on the market. Our product range includes the Alpen Camping IK006 gas cartridge for cookers  which performs well even at -10°C. Remember that it can be disconnected at any time due to the GAS-STOP function which blocks the gas flow and allows you to reconnect the cartridge when required. For customers who regularly use outdoor heating appliances, a pierceable gas cooker cartridge can be just as practical as a threaded one.

Gas cartridge for burners

This kind of gas burner cartridges is a more beneficial purchase for those going on longer trekking trips. In order to start the cartridge, you just need to screw it to the device. When you turn off the burner or cooker, you can simply unscrew it, the valve will automatically close itself and the gas will not leak. We offer several products of this type, however the 400 ml gas cartridge is the most popular. It can be transported separately from the equipment used.

Safety first!

Our gas cartridges are equipped with the highest quality valves and the cans are made of high-grade steel alloys. Each of gas cooker and gas burner cartridges has received the DEKRA safety certificate which confirms the excellent quality of the Alpen Camping brand.